Morph – Signify “Philips Lighting” Agreement

A new episode of achievement that fulfills our diversified and integration identity is accomplishing  our agreement with Signify “Philips lighting” in the presence of Mr. Walid Hilal the Chairman at “Morph” and Mr. Mohamed Abo el Azayem, the General Manager NEA at “Philips lighting”  in which a strategic plan is set for offering engineering consultancy services related to the lighting facades, 3D visualization, modelling and architectural assistance.

A fruitful discussion took place highlighting on the significant progress and development Egypt has made over the last few decades working on increasing life expectancy.

The two parties were on common ground realizing how technology is changing, and by new technologies comes new challenges. For that reason a modern management strategy is set to balance increased regulation, protecting brand and ensuring stable supply chains while seeking opportunities for enhanced performance and using sustainability agenda for strategic advantage.

Today, Egypt is one of the largest economies in the Arab world and home to one of the fastest growing middle classes in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Morph has demonstrated in the last five years that it is taking the same approach as Egypt’s
2030 vision participating in important development projects in a variety of fields, as well as
the ability to earn customers’ trust by providing distinguished services that are characterized
by diversity and high quality, and for this reason we are always keen to carefully select our
partners, as we aim to be pioneers in our field.