Movers Trading Services

Movers is providing customized engineering solutions while deploying our experiences and adopting innovative technologies to maximize customer satisfaction. As Movers is engaged in the business of mechanical, electrical and plumbing turn key project contracting, we are dedicated for an integrated in design, supplying, installing and trading for selective brands with high innovative edge. We keep building strategic relationships with our partners and maintaining our repetitive success. Our team is focused on serving the needs of the local market aiming to carry out major projects throughout the Middle East. Our partnership with the world’s leading technology developers allows us to deliver top quality integrated solutions for our clients. Since its inception has secured and successfully completed several prestigious projects for the Government and private sectors, such as industrial, commercial, residential, sports facilities and medical care. Movers Trading Services is determined to deliver quality services while maintaining a high standard of integrity. Through an entrepreneurial and flexible approach, we’re prepared to look non conventional methods to find the most suitable solutions. Our innovative products are rigorously tested by highly cost test facilities, considered among the most advanced and comprehensive in the world, and designed to meet the latest industry standards. It is well suited to meet the requirements of every type of projects with quality workmanship and professional understanding of demands in all aspects. Develop, produce, sell and service high quality energy solutions. Offer turn-key solutions, no matter how complex, huge or where to be used is the solution. Our services include start up commissioning ,supervision , after-sales & technical support , and maintenance.

What Mo-vers Provide

Ventilation and Air Movement
Water Pumping
  • Cooling Water Pump

    Computer designed in accordance with the latest principles that meets the demand for economical & reliable pumps .The result of more that 50 years experience producing pumps supplied to customers all over the world.

  • Vertical Centrifugal Pump

    Advanced double suction impeller & a result of high efficiency and low NPSH – Values .The design of the suction sides provides a perfect flow and inlet is placed in line with the outlet


Motek Engineering Services

Motek Engineering Services is providing complete data analytics, and technology consulting services while deploying experiences and adopting innovative technologies to achieve the balance between design options and projects management. It offers analytical workflow solutions for the construction industry. Help manufacturers, architects, engineers, contractors, and service providers to identify and pursue unseen growth opportunities and execute them for enhanced business performance. Makes the hidden obvious, empowering our clients to better understand their markets, uncover key relationships, seize growth opportunities, and pursue those opportunities to success, with our comprehensive and verified construction information. Our professionals provide the expertise to ensure project is properly integrated, communicating and functioning to its optimum level reducing costs of operation. Motek applies the modern management strategy to balance increased regulation, protecting brand and ensuring stable supply chains while seeking opportunities for enhanced performance and using sustainability agenda for strategic advantage. Using our skills and expertise in Virtual Design and Construction technologies, the edge of Mo-Tek comes with how we perceive today’s technology and apply it through innovative processes to improve efficiency and productivity for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. Motek is determined to deliver quality services while maintaining a high standard of integrity in dealing with our customers. Through an entrepreneurial and flexible approach, we’re prepared to look non conventional methods to find the most suitable solutions. Motek team is hand picked, all team members are high calibers in their fields, you can put your trust in our team.

  • VDC ( Virtual Design and construction) Services
  • PMC ( Project Management Consultancy) Services

What Mo-Tek Provide

BIM Consulting (information management)
  • BIM Implementation, Modelling and Coordination

    -Implementing and maintaining BIM Protocol

    – Preparing BIM Execution Plan
    – Managing BIM Workflow
    – 3D BIM Modeling – Architecture, Structure and MEP
    – Coordinating between multi disciplines ex. Architecture, Structure, Electrical, mechanical, fire control and Plumbing
    – Stablishing Clashes Detection Reports
    – Auditing and Reviewing BIM Model
    – Stablishing BIM Quality assurance
    – Running Coordination Meetings between project

  • BIM Asset Management, Facility Management, Operation and Maintenance

    – Accurate Full project data and history for life cycle operation
    – Improve Asset value
    – Efficient project maintenance and scheduling
    – Enabling predictive maintenance and reducing risks
    – Increasing the facility management efficiency through asset intelligence

Reality Capture & Point Cloud to BIM conversion (3D scans to BIM)
  • Applications

    – Reality Capture of existing buildings
    – Highly accurate As-built data collection
    – 3D Laser Scanning for Renovation and Redevelopment
    – Accurate Record Documentation
    – Laser Scanning to BIM conversion
    – Laser Scanning to 2D drawings – Plans, elevations, sections

Record Photography
  • Applications

    – 360 cameras for capturing the existing conditions of at all the building stages for the future localization of invisible elements after construction elements
    – Essential for BIM Facility Management and Operation and maintenance

4D Visualization
  • Applications

    linking 3D model with time schedule for construction phases simulation

3D Visualization
  • Applications

    – 3D High Quality Renderings
    – 360 Virtual Reality Tour

Data Analytics
  • Applications

    Extracting data from unstructured data sources to extract, transform, and load data.
    Data mining and management involves designing and implementing databases.
    Statistical analysis to create insights
    from data.

Pre Award Support
  • Applications

    Develop proposals needed to compete for grants and awards.
    Oversee budget development.
    Help prepare documentations required by proposals.

Procurement and Bid Management
  • Applications

    The completion of Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs) and Invitation to Tenders (ITTs) is managed. These documents are created to exclude companies and find the best bidder.

Value Engineering
  • Applications

    Examination of function for services and products.
    Identify and reduce unnecessary costs.
    Maintaining and improving the value of the result sought to be obtained.

Benchmarking and Auditing
  • Applications

    Comparing business processes and performance metrics to industry bests and best practices from other companies.
    Dimensions typically measured are quality, time and cost.


What Mo-Tank Provide